Kristen Rice Jackson

Kristen grew up in rural South Texas. After finishing her BFA at Baylor University in 2002, she moved to Dallas and began teaching elementary art in Dallas ISD in 2005. After several years at Polk Elementary, she was impressed by how her students continued to rise to the artistic challenges she put before them. She did a school-wide public art project with her students and the results were so fantastic, she decided to organize Color Me Empowered, along with Chavalia Mwamba and Amy Kilpatrick, to help facilitate more student-created public art projects throughout the city.

In addition to running Color Me Empowered, Kristen is an artist who works in several mediums. While lately she has been focusing almost entirely on metal sculpture, she continues to draw and paint, which are her artistic foundations. Her art is motivated by the human struggle, striving to reveal universal emotions with earnestness and distinction. She believes in the redemptive quality of all things and tries to reflect this belief in all her work.

Although she works different mediums, the theme of deliverance and hope drives the composition of each piece.

"It is my unyielding belief that art has the power to heal, redeem, and unite. In all my artistic endeavors, I seek to communicate this conviction. The perpetuation of these ideals also motivates my art instruction. It is not only important that I communicate these standards through my own work, but also that I instill them in each one of my students."

Our Core Values are

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